Our Services are an integral component of our Platform. Our approach is to provide the expertise required to implement simple to complex order management systems regardless size. If you are processing 10 orders a day or thousands; if you have a dozen SKU’s or million; if you have 1 web site or hundreds plus thousands of stores, we can get you experience the benefits of an manageable solution quickly and affordable.

Our flexible approach to supporting your project is based on your business. We engage at the Program level managing all tasks across multiple suppliers and System Integrator’s (SI); at the Project level managing tasks specific to your solution; and al la carte  – responding to specific requests.

Every good implementation requires Discovery. Discovery is the stage we flush out top level requirements to insure we are the right partner for your project. During Discovery we apply our experience working with a variety of Clients across the globe. We have engaged in many different projects – all similar but with unique business rules applied by the Client.

Business rules are important to the Discovery phase. The flow and priority of product, inventory, customers and orders is unique to each Client. Payment processing and order processing are going to be different 90% of the time. We “discover” how you want your business to operate AND provide our best practices advise where we see a more efficient opportunity.

We have seen requirements range from 10 questions to thousands. Each Client is unique – not in the expected result but in the process to get the results. Our involvement in building your requirements adds in-depth knowledge of not only order management systems but our experience with a variety of Shopping Carts, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), Payment Gateways, Freight Carriers and all the other components required to support short and long term objectives.

The Scope of Work (SOW) is the result of the Discovery and Requirements process. The SOW is complete documentation of what you expect and what OS will deliver. The detailed document are critical to ensure we understand you and you understand us.

OS assigns a dedicated or semi-dedicated project manager and an account manager based on the size and duration of the engagement. The project manager is responsible for creating timelines, coordinating the project with all vendors, providing detailed meeting notes, and attending phone calls.

OS proposes a pre-defined number of hours included for this project as defined in the Scope of Work, which may be utilized by Project Managers, Architects, Developers, QA Resources, Network Analysts, and/or Content Writers to remotely consult with the Client, System Implementers, and/or 3rd party Vendors over email, phone, skype, or video conferencing for status updates, SIT (“systems integration testing”), pre-UAT (“user acceptance testing”), UAT, Beta Testing, Go Live Testing, Customer Training, and/or coordination of efforts between all parties.

Changes always occur in complex systems. These changes require our ongoing Support. You may need 1 ticket per year or dozens per day depending on the the size and complexity of your environment.

Support is provided 24 x 7 worldwide. Customers who have issues which require investigation receive a call back within a timely manner during regular customer support hours. Email & System Support is provided. Response to email inquiries are handled in a timely manner.