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OS has a complete suite of products and services to augment your migration to full omni channel sales, support and fulfillment. Our supply chain experience and knowledge is one step away from being part of your team. We can step in to manage your omni channel program; manage your order management system project; or provide ala carte services as you need them.

Designing a program to migrate all your customers, orders, products and inventory to order management requires integrating multiple databases from one or more systems. Some systems are in-house, others are from your suppliers. We work with you to define your unique business rules then develop the workflow and file formats required to get your systems running quickly.

We also work with System Integrators who are managing the program then we focus on the order management processes and workflow components of the project. Sometimes a System Integrator isn’t required when project starts with the Shopping Cart and OS. In these environments we can manage the project to make sure the Clients business rules are applied based on today’s requirements with insight into the digital revenue growth.

When Systems Integrators and in-house staff are highly engaged our role can be ala carte– you can use any or all of our services.

Our products are a group of tools allowing you to realize the benefits of OS. For example, if you want to reduce CSR hours and improve customer service, we  integrate the appropriate Connectors allowing for all customer and order information to be in one place.

OS integrates with other systems through a collection of “Connectors”. Each Connector facilitates the transfer of data from one system to another. The transfers occur using API’s and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The transfers occur near real time aggregating all your information into OS.

  • SHOPPING CART – the first ( (and sometimes the only) connector is the Shopping Cart allowing data to transfer from your cart to OS.
  • CUSTOMERS – when your Customer data resides outside the Shopping Cart, our Customer Connector transfers data to and from external systems like Customer Service Management (CRM) applications.
  • ORDERS – frequently order information is required in external systems. This can be summary or complete order details transferred to and from  accounting and finance systems, i.e., QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, etc., as well as CRM tools. Customer information includes every type of communication – emails, phone calls, etc. – as well as all transactions – quotes, orders, returns, exchanges, etc.
  • PRODUCTS – information about your products may come from multiple sources like purchasing systems, 3rd party logistics, drop shippers, Shopping Carts, etc. Our Purchasing Connector identifies the source for each field and transfers the data to the other systems creating the ability to monitor product information in one system.
  • INVENTORY – tracking inventory is a two way street; products purchased, received and returned add to inventory and orders subtract from inventory. Simple systems only require the Shopping Cart and OS while more complex system integrate with warehouse management systems (WMS) and can also connect to accounting systems.
  • PROMOTIONS – Shopping Carts offer discounts but once they expire, you can’t offer credits, returns or exchanges at the discounting price. OS connects to your promotion engine and allows you to define business rules allowing Customer Service Reps (CSR’s) the ability to satisfy the Customer.

OS provides an extensive Application Programming Interface (API). Our API specifies how software components should interact and APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. Using an API is considerably faster to build than SFTP or other types of file transfers and allows data to be transferred resulting in closer real time data.

Extensive API sets are available for Products, Customers, Orders, Inventory, Warehouse Operations and more.

OS has a lengthy list of Out of The Box (OOTB) features. Working together we define what features will provide you the most benefit. We provide the following services to ensure the result meets your expectations.

  • DISCOVERY – high level discussion defining the value OS provides you.
  • REQUIREMENTS – detailed discussion with IT and business managers extracting and documenting your expectations.
  • SCOPE OF WORK – formal document based on the Discovery and Requirements.
  • PROGRAM/PROJECT MANAGEMENT – OS staff assigned to keep your program/project on time and under budget.
  • TRAINING– Extensive training designed specific to your audience of Executives, Managers, Marketers, Technologists, CSR’s, Warehouse, etc.
  • SUPPORT  – world wide 24 x 7 x 365 support

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